Corporate events

Rental (events)

We know that organizing corporate events can be a complex task that demands intense attention to details and Diversion is there to take charge of all technical aspects of your presentations.

From a one-of-a-kind gala to a meeting with colleagues, we can give you all the support you need to meet your expectations.

Acoustic considerations

Appropriate acoustics for your audience is highly important. Whether it involves using a wireless microphone or a podium microphone for all speakers, adding background music or even having a full band, we'll make sure your success can be heard loud and clear.



VidéoRegardless of format, video must be optimized both in terms of  resolution and picture brightness. Opting for one or more giant  screens or different-sized LCD monitors is a choice that will make a major difference for your PowerPoint and video  presentations or when retransmitting camera images onscreen. Diversion will make sure your image is the best it can be.


Whatever of the technology used, whether it's lamps or LEDs, traditional or moving lights, this aspect is definitely the one that will lend colour to your event. Whether it's for lighting stages and/or ambiance in a room, for decoration or for a dance floor, we will make sure to light up your event!



Staging equipment

Équipe scéniqueVisual aspects remain crucial to any presentation. Regardless of the location for your project, whether it's a hotel conference room, entranceway, warehouse, office or any other location, how your room is decorated, whether it involves adding curtains, Lycra, a bridge structure or other elements will provide you with a signature to help you stand out.